Friday, July 9, 2010

Ananthapurathu Veedu Review

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Ananthapurathu Veedu Review:

Director Shankar's home productions S films have taken a bold attempt by launching Naga of marmadesam fame as a director.Time and over again we have seen the thrills of a horror flick being built up by darkness, creepines, long hairs, revenge, flying objects and so on. Those of you who are tired of it and wished to see horror films in a different angle your wait ends with this offering from Naga.This Supernatural thriller is built around family emotions , bonding and sentiments the most offbeat theme one could attempt for in a horror thriller. Ananthapurathu Veedu also has the ghosts playing lead roles instead of the usual expected baddie ones.Balu(Nandha) makes his journey to his ancestral home along with his wife Revathy(Chaya Singh) and his child Anand(Aryan). On reaching his ancestral home the family faces some unusual happenings which make them a little bewildered. The family then is put up with a next hiatus where a stranger confines them to their home which gives a different dimension to this film with little bit of fun, mystery and qualifies as an absolute family entertainer. Aryan has excelled in his part with the little emotions he does and makes us feel like we have seen a great performance form a child artist after a long time. Nandha fits the bill perfectly and he seems to make the role appear as a cakewalk to him after his performance in Eeram the actor now has gone places. Chaya sing portraying the part of confined wife has given a lot of life to the film. The match winner is of course Naga for this brilliant attempt he seems to have transferred his small screen brilliance with ease. The viewers are glued to their seats by the exciting sequences such as the automatically delivered sms . Ramesh's Music is not a chart-buster but his background score captures the mood of the film. S pictures whose last venture couldn’t rock the box office can cherish upon this offering which is already getting rave reviews. The credits too had a surprise showing veedu has a character . Naaga truly deserves critical acclaim for thinking in a manner where most other directors would prefer to think alone. Kudos to Naga and Shankar for the execution of such a brilliant film emphasizing the value of family ties through a horror theme. On the whole the film is a refreshing and a very bold attempt.

Verdict: Naga's Long Jump

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