Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shopping for sarees and Christmas go hand in hand…

Mahalakshmi’s offers a new festive assortment, providing you some terrific decisions. If you're uninterested in shopping for silk sarees for Christmas per annum, then this boutique has masses in store for you. Chettinad cottons are available in daring checks in ancient colors of saffron, vermillion and black. The tall borders in contrasting colors and wide pallus, look alluring for evening wear, all year long. Kanchi cotton sarees are available in shot colors in magnetic mixtures like purple and forest inexperienced, fuschia and saffron, cobalt and amethyst etc.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Here's a comprehensive list and comparision of Magadheera vs Dookudu collections. This list includes only the first week collections (share) in Andhra Pradesh.

Magadheera 1 Week Collections - AP Share

S No Territory 1st week share

1 Nizam 7.1 crores
2 Ceded 4.63 crores
3 Vizag 1.8 crores
4 Guntur 1.91 crores
5 East Godavari 1.01 crores
6 West Godavari 1.24 crores
7 Nellore 1.03 crores
8 Krishna 1.26 crores

Total AP Share - 19.98 crores

Dookudu 1st Week Collections - AP Share

  • S No Territory 1st week share
      1 Nizam 8.52 cr

      2 Ceded 5.01cr

      3 Guntur 2.19cr

      4 Krishna 1.60cr

      5 Nellore 1.05cr

      6 E.Godavari 1.56cr

      7 W.Godavari 1.35cr

      8 Vizag 2.07cr

      Total AP Share 23.35 crores

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    Tuesday, May 10, 2011


    The film starring Siddharth being made by Ad film maker P Jayender in Tamil and Telugu has been given the title of “180″. Priya Anand and Nithya Menon have been signed up to play the female leads.