Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ravanan Review

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Ravanan Review:

The film opens with the veera song in the background which has Veeraya alias Veera ( Vikram) jumping from an altitude which most of us would prefer to see on screen and not venture to has Mani Ratnam’s name written all over it. The ravishing Ragini ( Aishwarya Rai Bachan) in picturesque locations throughout the film is a delight to watch. Ravanan is all about Ramayana being retold in the modern style. Veera kidnaps Ragini to take revenge on the police force led by Dev (prithvi raj). Why Veera kidnapped Ragini is told in a predictable flashback and then Dev’s search in pursuit of his wife Ragini form the crux of the story. Even though there is nothing new in the story. The realistic screenplay with mind-blowing cinematography by Santosh Sivan makes you in awe of the film till the end. The film is initially little confusing but opens up quite well as it progresses . The film lacks pace at times. The cinematography of usure pogudhey song deserves special mention.Karthik, Prabhu, Priyamani all do their minuscule roles justice. Prabhu and Priyamani impress more than Karthik. Rahman as promised delivers the best background score one expects. The Songs give a lot of life to the film. Dialogues by suhasini remind us that Sujatha is no more. Vayapuri as eunuch and Ranjitha of Nithyanandha fame are just passing clouds making minimal impact. Vikram is the on screen villainous hero who carries the film on his shoulders and Santosh Sivan is the off screen master who captures the film with his lens eye. This film Makes one feel best of Mani Ratnam’s filmmaking is seen only in glimpses. On the whole Ravanan is a film which promised a lot seemed to deliver a lot but fails to satisfy the viewers having great expectations. The fact that Mani Ratnam is a no nonsense film maker must be taken into account and he must be applauded for walking the thin line without falling into the commercial pit. The film is bound to get mixed reviews and some may even seem to like the Ravanan of Ramayanam more than Lord Rama as his acts are justified and the perspective each one looks at the epic might change whilst some may feel it was a lackluster film. On the whole Ravanan glorifies the Ravanan inside all of us and Vikram is truly the ten headed Ravanan of the film.

Bottom Line: Ravanan is not an epic movie. It is just an epic as a movie

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